Le Perle

Dubai - 3 Hours

Le Perle

A huge living installation, La Perle allows the spectator to participate in the performances of the 65 artists by filling the stage with sound, light and images projected from the stage.

La Pearl is a fairy tale, addressed to all those who want to reawaken the child that lives inside them. The characters are inspired by traditional tales. A prince of pearls, a young fisherwoman, the museum of ancestors and a giant puppet populate ,the story which remains faithful to the atmosphere of the spirit of Dubai but also refers to a universal time frame, where artists and spectators can confront their emotions.

Everything has been set up to allow the viewer to live experience a unique immersive experience, in an atmosphere deeply marked with the mystery and charm of Dubai, a laboratory of

The 1288-seat water theater was designed by Jean Rabasse to allow the audience to live an immersive experience. This begins when you enter the theater, with walls that are customized to create and mimic the feeling of a diving into an organic cave.

This intimate experience is reinforced by the spectator's proximity to the stage: a 270-degree vision and only 14 rows place the audience next to the water which is several meters deep and can hold 2,700,000 liters of water. Located in the center of the stage, it allows scenic elements to emerge from it and is the recipient of a succession of high-flying dives.

Seating :

The 1,288 seat theatre only contains 14 rows which offers an intimate experience and gets you face-to-face with the action. La Perle has four tiers of seats starting with Bronze, Silver, Gold and VIP seats on request.​

Bronze 183 seats

Silver: 501 seats

Gold: 496 seats

VIP: 108 seats 


Tour Duration : 3 Hours